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National Catholic Announces New Flexible Capacity Product to Provide Shareholders With Another Option For Excess Liability Coverage
National Catholic Makes Statement About Liability Insurance Coverage COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
The 2019 Annual Report is now available on the website.

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The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc.

2019 Board Officers/Directors

Ms. Monica L. Adams
Risk Manager
Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

Director since 2003
Term Expires 2021

Ms. Jill H. Braniff, CPA
Diocesan Business Officer
Diocese of Shreveport

Director since 2014
Term Expires 2020

Mr. Brian T. Cosgrove
Director of Insurance
Diocese of Brooklyn

Director since 2003
Term Expires 2022

Mast Rev. Robert P. Deeley
Diocese of Portland, ME

Director since 2019
Term Expires 2021

Ms. Laurie J. Downey, CPA CGMA
Diocese of Portland, ME

Director/Treasurer since 2016
Term Expires 2021 

Reverend Jay C. Haskin
Chairman of the Board/
Corporate Secretary

Director since 1987
Term Expires 2020

Mr. John J. Maxwell, CPA

Director since 1998
Term Expires 2020

Mr. Joseph F. McEnness
Executive Director - Office of Risk Mgmt
Archdiocese of Boston

Director since 2008
Term Expires 2021

Mr. Richard J. McKenna 
Chief Operating Officer
Christian Brothers Risk Mgmt Services

Director since 2010
Term Expires 2020

Mr. Dennis H. O'Hara
The National Catholic RRG, Inc.

Director/President & CEO
(Ex Officio) since 2017

Rev. Jon Plavcan
Vicar for Clergy
Diocese of Gary

Director since 2001
Term Expires 2022

Sabrina Vrooman
Chief Financial Officer
Diocese of Beumont

Director since 2019
Term Expires 2022