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The 29th Annual National Catholic Winter Meeting

The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort and Golf Club - St. Petersburg, FL

January 25 – January 28, 2020
Have you checked out the resources available to you on the Tools tab? There is a wealth of information that will help you protect and care for those you serve.
The Critical Conversations TM program is an educational training and prevention program that presents case studies for priests, deacons and lay ministers.
The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc.

2017 Board Officers/Directors

Standing (left to right): John J. Maxwell, Rev. Jay C. Haskin, Dennis H. O’Hara, Joseph F. McEness,
Monica L. Adams Sitting (left to right): David S. Stewart, Rev. Jon J. Plavcan, Richard J. McKenna, Laurie J. Downey, Brian T. Cosgrove, Jill H. Braniff. Not pictured: John M. Scholl



Board Position


Rev. Jay C. Haskin Diocese of Burlington, VT Director/Chairman 2020 1987
Mr. John M. Scholl Diocese of Buffalo, NY Director/Board Vice President 2019 2005
Mr. John J. Maxwell Diocese of Springfield in IL Director/Treasurer 2020 1998
Ms. Monica L. Adams Diocese of Kansas City-
St. Joseph, MO
Director 2021 2003
Ms. Jill H. Braniff Diocese of Shreveport, LA Director 2020 2014
Mr. Brian T. Cosgrove Diocese of Brooklyn, NY Director 2019 2003
Ms. Laurie J. Downey
Diocese of Portland, ME
Director 2021 2016
Mr. Joseph F. McEnness Archdiocese of Boston, MA Director 2021 2009
Mr. Richard J. McKenna Christian Brothers Risk Management Services  Director 2020 2010
Dennis H. O'Hara The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. Director/President & CEO Ex-Officio 2017
Rev. Jon J. Plavcan Diocese of Gary, IN Director 2019 2001
Mr. David S. Stewart
Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA Director 2019 2015