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National Catholic Announces New Flexible Capacity Product to Provide Shareholders With Another Option For Excess Liability Coverage
National Catholic Makes Statement About Liability Insurance Coverage COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
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Last month National Catholic announced new lower retention options. This is part of our new objective to offer more coverage, top to bottom, and to become a single liability insurance solution for Catholic dioceses. We will now attach as low as $50,000 and provide coverage up to $15,000,000.

We also have additional flexibility in attachment points and limits. Think of us for both attachment points higher than $250,000, with limits at least up to $1,000,000, and then variable limits into the excess layers above that. We think these options will provide brokers with additional flexibility in providing options for their clients. No longer does National Catholic need to be considered only a buffer layer ($750,000 xs $250,000) carrier. Note, however, we continue to require continuous limits from the attachment point up to $1,000,000 (with a minimum insured limit of $500,000) in order to fulfill National Catholic's Shareholder Agreements.

With National Catholic as a complete insurance program up to $15,000,000, brokers can configure options for the other lines of coverage with monoline or package insurers to present a complete property-casualty insurance program option for their clients.

Please note, however, that for your clients who wish to continue to access National Catholic as a following form excess liability carrier over lower attaching insurance programs, we will gladly continue to support those solutions as we have for many years.

We also announced, on placements attaching below $250,000, we would no longer require a Third Party Administrator to be retained to manage ground up losses. That said, our preference for National Catholic Shareholders is to maintain their TPA - if that service provider continues to provide value to the diocesan insurance program. If on placements attaching below $250,000, where there is no clear need for a TPA based on a low annual liability claims count, National Catholic will work with the Shareholder and the broker to determine a service model to adjust the ground up liability claims. These models could include the Shareholder self-administering liability claims including collecting/coordinating all information necessary to maintain a claim file in their office and making claim payments below National Catholic's attachment. Another liability claim service model might include the broker providing these same services. If neither of these claims service models is able to meet requirements for National Catholic to obtain real time claim information and real time accounting of claim payments, National Catholic will insist upon a TPA.

Finally, and please note, the availability of attachment and limit options as well as National Catholic's willingness to accept claims liability handling services without a TPA is subject to underwriting guidelines in use by our Director of Underwriting, Joy Botensten, and our Vice President of Claims and Shareholder Initiatives, Steve Henne.

Please include your attachment point and limit options requests and requests for claim service options below $250,000 with your client's renewal submission through our Shareholder portal no less than 90 days before the renewal date. If you plan to request only an "as expiring" renewal quote please also provide your client's renewal submission through our Shareholder portal as soon as it is ready, allowing for the "crunch" of renewal dates in the May-July renewal date season.
Many thanks for your support of National Catholic.

Dennis H. O'Hara, ARM
President & CEO